Heat presses

Heat presses

We decided to wrote this blog so we could present you popular and very practical product in sublimation equipment. It is heat press for pen printing. We know for fact there are various types of pen printing. Through this brief blog we want to put emphasis on heat press intended for pen printing with sublimation and laser technique. This technology present novelty on our market. This concrete heat press opens new field to us where we want to put emphasis on quality not on quantity.

With tampon, screen and digital printing we mostly encountered with market problem. This way we wanted to emphasizes that sublimation is kind of printing that could print one or more pieces and that every pen could have different design. Why is that important? This pen press with sublimation or laser printing will help you to create little batches . Also, you do not have to take big orders to get paid for the job.

When it is about repro material, we need special transfer paper. General estimate shows that 150-200 various logos (text or any other small design) can stand on one A4 sheet. Isn’t that incredible? Are you asking is it possible? With minimum material expenses we get envious number for finished products (which can be unique for each other).

Auditorium and future customers are always interested in printing itself or colors. YES! This press allows full color or one color printing.

One more item is very important for these heat presses and that is PEN. Choosing right pen is seriously big thing because it can not be with irregular shapes or with bumps on itself. You have two options. Regular pens are printing via laser printing paper and sublimation pens are printing via sublimation transfer paper. If we get you interested in this subject you can find more about heat press on our Pen heat press page.

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