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Frequent questions about sublimation press

Frequent questions about sublimation press

Frequent questions about sublimation press

Frequent questions about sublimation press are mostly based on small and tiny problems that we encounter every day if we are dealing with sublimation. Sublimation is type of fast moving press. Every day it is expanding because it achieves the perfect quality of printing on various products.

New sublimation press owners often have questions about sublimation process, which is understandable because it is relatively new type of press. In order to help you, Mincom provides you answers to a few important questions.

How to remove lines from textile?

Unevenness or lines are created for many reasons and can be of different shapes. Simple and quick way to correct unevenness on T-shirt is press ironing. Heating the press on lower temperature and holding the fabric under pressure for a very short time leads to iron T-shirt which is ready for perfect sublimation print. However, you need to take care of pressure. Heat presses use strong pressure which could cause even bigger damage, leave unevenness like marks on T-shirts. Of course, that will prevent with pressure reduction. If nothing of mentioned above does not help, think about textile with another color where cluttering lines will not come to expression.

Why is transfer paper moving from the textile?

Heat press can be very durable and they are mostly created for long-term use if maintenance is taken care of. Correct time, temperature and pressure are important, too.  The most frequent cause of moving transfer paper from textile is mistake during setting process.

Time is simple item for press measuring, so what left is temperature and pressure. Temperature is measuring with temperature device or temperature strips. On every press there is a few degrees variation in any part of the press. If there is drastic difference in temperature on press display or temperature anywhere on press plate, you need to call engineer so you could consult about repairing or purchasing new press.

When you buying press, you need to pay attention is there enough heat elements and is there press warranty. Pressure may be problem of the press itself but also problem of user. To avoid manual mistakes you need to place straight tape on plate edges. Look at your heater, because it must maintained contact with ruler so as not to get bent. With this procedure you will get uniform pressure.

Time and temperature are the most important factors

How to determine the right time, temperature and pressure of the press?

Transfers are made in different styles with different binding properties. In terms of heat pressing it is the best way to think about it as an oven and about transfer as cake mince. Just like confectioner has recipe for cake baking time so and transfer paper has instruction for ideal time, temperature and pressure for heating. Check is your transfer compatible with textile on which you apply design, then you follow the instructions. For higher durability and better quality, it need to obey some basic rules for sublimation. On page HELP you can find short and practical instructions about sublimation all of sublimation products.

How can I know is transfer paper well positioned?

Good design position on textile is definitively important step for quality results. Mincom offers you specifications about positions, quick tips for centering the T-shirt for sublimation. Of course, depending of shirt type, there are certain specification adjustments but one is for sure, the ruler must be at hand. When the rules are established, then there is working on speed.

What is durability of the press?

For press there is same rule of care as it for any other machine. Sublimation press will definitely last longer if rules are respected, if it is handled by certain specifications.

Is there need for different heating press for products which have not flat surface?

For most products, there is need for other press. Cap, mugs, plates…everything that have not flat surface demands 3D vacuum press with heat shape for certain product.
Heat press for cap have curved heater which will provide sublimation print on cap. Heat press for mugs is mostly good for printing mugs with different sizes and shapes.

Which is the biggest product you want to sublimate?

Response on that question will help with decision – how big press working surface must be so your needs could be satisfied.
Have in mind that small heating presses probably have lowest price but do not always match with products you want to work with.
At the decision you must consider how often device will be used and how long during the day. Depending on that you should have in mind semi-automatic heating press, automatic or heating press with more working nests. These options will probably raise heating press price but you will save a lot of time in production.

Ideal press size is 38×38 cm. On our site you will find 3u1 press as and package offers specially formed for you and your start of business.

Is a cheap heating press worth that money?

There is a lot of heating press manufacturers from Chine, with very tempting prices if you have a small budget. You need to have two things in mind before you purchase:

1. How will you menage service if it come to glitch?
2. Will cheap be precise and reliable?

Quality, reliable service and quick support can extend the work life of the device and return you fast in business. Cheap devices may have serious problems with temperature stability and precision and that is one of the most important heating press characteristics.

 All of our sublimation products you can print on one piece in full color with high quality. Some of those products are:

Along with gifts, we are also dealing with photo books. You can see more on www.cewe.rs.

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