Sublimation on glass

Sublimation on glass

Printing on glass is not a small thing, it is a big challenge. As you heard before, all you need is a few things to sublimated glass – computer, graphic software, inkjet printer with sublimation ink and heat press. The main assignment is that decorative glass product have wear-resistant print. This is achieved by adequate conditions during sublimation process. Sublimation glass products are mostly plates, clocks and frames.

Above all, glass should be prepare for this printing process, more precisely, coated with sublimation coating. Considering simpler approach to coated sublimation glass, it is easier to get sublimation product from expert than experiment with chemistry yourself.

So that the sublimation color is well bonded to the product, glass thickness must be under certain temperature and press pressure strong enough to keep step with the rate of absorption of heat in the glass. However, it is necessary to know color reproduction, how to correct shades in design preparation so product could be identical to original after heating.

Sublimation became the main method of printing on glass because of the image clarity, simpler application, increased access to sublimation material. Creativity reaches a peak in this press process because every photograph, every ornament, have opportunity to shine on your personalized sublimation product.

When it is about sublimation on glass products we, as company that has been engaged in sublimation and its segments for many years, suggest to use spays which are intended for sublimation on glass. It is a line of DigiCoat sprays. For glass sublimation you can use special partially transparent spray which will provide you incredible print on glass and even create white background.

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