Forever Subli-Flex 202


Forever Subli-Flex 202

With the Forever Subli-Flex 202 paper there is no longer a limit to individual colors or polyester clothes.

Subli-Flex 202 combines vibrant and indestructible sublimation colors with extremely high washing and stretching flexibility of the standard Flex.

Suitable for regular ink jet printers with sublimation colors.

Paper is designed for 100% bright and dark colors from cotton. Forever Subli-Flex 202 is suitable for letters, numbers and logos.
With this paper, it’s not only possible to print glossy colored designs on glossy polyester clothes, but Subli-Flex 202 can be transferred to dark cotton textiles without any color loss.

Printed clothes printed with Subli-Flex 202 paper can withstand more than 50 washing.

In addition to the various offer of paper transfer in our offer you can find many interesting products for sublimation, among which are:

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