Tips for sublimation

Tips for sublimation

Sublimation printing is type of print where dye under high temperature and certain pressure turns from solid to gas state. In that manner, color is applying to the substrate which you want to print. That is chemical process where the image on transfer paper is binding for polymers on the surface of material and transfer image.

For many years we have been sublimating as a company and we are looking at all its aspects, both technical and visual. We are discovering sublimation, modern technology and products, so we could help you in sublimation business.

The most wanted sublimated products are mugs, shirts, glass, mouse pad, plaques, puzzles and phone covers. Products which have sublimation cover or products that are made from polyester (shirts, mouse pads) are suitable for sublimation printing.

All details for sublimation printing you can read on our web page Tips for sublimation.

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