DigiCoat sprays

DigiCoat sprays

In this blog we decided to present you our novelty – DigiCoat sublimation sprays. Also, we want to transfer you our impressions after using sprays.

DigiCoat sprays are only DIY (do it yourself) sublimation coating solution. It is created for sublimation decorations on various materials such as ceramic, wood, metal and even stone.

With DigiCoat sprays we can simply print on dark, black products which wasn’t very easiest thing to do. What thrilled us is the fact that we can protect every product from UV radiation. Why is that so important? Sublimation itself is work which is covered by photo stores, copiers, gift shops and book stores. Salesmen expose advertising products in their glass exposes so they could present their products to potential clients. After spring and summer days, sun rays will affect product dye so much so products will start to fading or take other colors. This is a problem we can encounter and when it comes to sublimation products. Other types of print have different technology, different solution for this problem. Concrete solution for this problem in sublimation world didn’t exist until now. With one of the DigiCoat sprays finally there is no need to think about product look if we expose it to the sun.

DigiCoat products are very simply to use. When we start testing these sprays, first we studied their use and sprays application order. What is substantially is that only one spray (blue spray) is needed for coating all of the materials and substrates. Rest of the set is used depending on whether we print on glass, ceramic, wood or metal.

You can learn more about each spray separately on our web page, but still, we want to show you our excitement about glass print. So far we have printed glass clocks, plates and frames and we were satisfied with print. After we discover this set we realize that print on glass and acrylic can be much better, with higher quality. Why? When we printing on glass with standard procedure we get kind of transparent image. Now with green spray we can apply white background that will enable us to cover the printout. This mean, no more effect of glass and image merging.

Set of sprays implies four sprays and one adhesion solution. Sprays cover the preparation of all substrates, the only thing that distinguishes them is the type of material on which they will be printed.

So far, in sublimation process, everything has been printed using the classic method. Now, we are discovering certain possibilities which are going to help us to get higher quality, much better image on any kind of material. Read more about every spray and look at tutorials on our Youtube canal and see for yourself that we finally come to the “genius assistant” which will make it easier for everyone to improve quality of sublimation.

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