A guide for beginners

A guide for beginners

A guide for beginners


If you want to menage sublimation printing and print quality photo products, you need to master the basics of sublimation and technical settings of your printer. For the start, you need to fallow the steps we wrote for all beginners and for those ones who meets the Epson L310 printer for the first time. To print with Epson L310 printer you have to follow defined settings regarding to color profile.

It is not enough to buy a sublimation printer, heat press, dye, supporting equipment and go in the world of sublimation. It is necessary to understand each item , from design through printing to roasting, the whole process. If we don’t know certain processes, colors on printed surface will not be identical to colors on the computer monitor. You need to know printer settings, printing profiles, behavior of different substrates and materials on which they are printed, as well as the other things which are necessary for quality and professional product.

A guide for beginners offers you key instructions after which you will be able to work without technical problems. All of the explanations and tips regarding to printer installation, color profile installation, usage of sublimation transfer papers are on our website for beginners.

With purchased Epson L310 package comes video guide on which are all the instructions regarding to sublimation business start. Driver installation, color profile installation as and Photoshop instructions for design corrections so you could get the highest quality product after sublimation. 

Beside video guide, you will get templates for all sublimation products so you could easily menage your design.

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